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Health and safety aspects are essential, maintaining high standards of safety in the company. People are highly committed to improve every day, applying new tools to achieve industry objectives.


CITIC CENSA complies with all the relevant legislation applicable and industry standards.


Health & Safety Department conduct Risk Assessments to identify occupational hazards according to each specific workplace.


Action Plans are put in place to mitigate the identified risks and employees are provided with the skills , training and equipment necessary to counteract the risk.


Safety is at the heart of operations and the team is committed to an incident free workplace, safety and well-being of employees through comprehensive education and management initiatives.


CTIC CENSA is committed to provide training to all employees and line managers are responsible for ensuring that appropriate training is given


The Company counts with its own Health Service in –house, which dedicated medical staff provide specialized care and advise.


These commitments are documented in our Health & Safety policy.


Continuous Improvement


CITIC CENSA's HSE and Production Departments are developing a 5S PLAN, where results are being achieved in a quick and efficient way. Modern and more efficient facilities are the result.


Environmental respect is part of company's culture. Recycling programs to improve management waste and installation of low-pollution machinery and new infrastructures are examples of CITIC Censa's commitment with the environment.

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